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An Ideal Site for Construction of Cell Tower

Cell tower companies are always in search of suitable lands to construct the cell towers to boost their communication infrastructure. When they spot a suitable land, they enter into negotiation with the property owner and have an agreement to lease the land or purchase it. A search ring is a chosen area by the cell tower company that shows where they need to place the cell tower. Firstly, the land should be in a designated area commonly known as search ring and it should have a substantial number of people and the prevail policies and regulations of the local authority allow for construction of cell towers in the area. If your land happens to be within that area of interest, then the cell tower company will make further considerations on various properties to choose the best spot for the cell tower construction. Here are some of the things that they tend to look into.

Size of the land – A suitable land for cell tower construction should be vacant; meaning that there should not be any form of activity on it. Apart from that, the size of the land is vital as the tower covers a considerable space. An area of land of approximately 1000 square feet would be adequate for the undertaking. In exceptional circumstances, the cell tower company might need only 500 square feet of land and this would mean that you have large area of land to use for other activities.

Construction expenses – Cell tower company will prefer to select a land that would be less expensive to construct on and thus, they will ignore that which seems to attract lots of costs. Usually the placement of a cell tower is an expensive undertaking and that is why the company is look for economical ways to install it. Construction costs can be adversely affected if the land is far from a public road, the land is in a flood zone and various ecological conditions.

Accessibility of the cell tower site – A suitable cell tower location should be easily accessible whenever the cell tower company wants to reach the site. Therefore, the site should be close to a road so that there is no difficulty in reaching the site. It might call for construction of a road to access the site and that would be an additional expense that the cell tower company would want to avoid.

Topography – Many people think that having a property at the highest point of the region puts them in a good position for placement of cell towers. It would mean nothing to have land at the highest point yet it is not within the search ring. If a suitable site is at the lowest altitude, the company would continue with the cell tower construction but compensate for the height by increasing the height of the tower.

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